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Algo Dosys desings and develops its products following strict quality standards.

The vibrant stations ALGO DOSYS enable continuously to work without stopping, maintaining a tolerance of error of less than +/- 1% of the capacity set by the operator (set point);

our products can work in gravimetric or volumetric, in environments not basically optimal as the presence of poor, high temperatures, external vibrations, vapors, without losing sensitivity on the weight readings.
They are suitable for all types of material, from grocery to the kind recycled granulate from the most delicate materials that need to be transported without losing thickness or volume, composed of glass fiber; this is possible because the channels are designed according to the characteristics of the material, the flow rates that must be made and thus clearly according to the needs of the customer.


All our products are CE certified and can be, at request of the customer, certified ATEX.

  • QO Gravimetric feeder in continuous
  • Q1 Gravimetric feeder in continuous
  • 4 components compact Gravimetric system
  • Panel manager with control touchscreen
  • QO-S feeder
  • Microbelt feeder for special dosing
  • Octagonal structure for 4 vibrating stations
  • Doser for liquid material
  • Belt doser