Company profile

Algo Dosys is based on a thirty years experience in continuous gravimetric dosing field.

It has been founded to provide customers always innovative and flexible solutions to their requests.


Our team is composed by specialized technicians who could assist customers in a larger point of view than the single dosing component. We work in cooperation with customer in order to create 3D projects and dedicated software, following his specific requests.




Our gravimetric feeders are functional to work in sectors as plastics materials, chemicals, pharmaceutical or in any field in which moving products is a mandatory. Feeders perfecty match digital layout with analogic precision.


Thanks to the supply of turnkey plants, as well as systems that can be perfectly integrated with already existing installation, which need to be optimized, our range of products can cover all customers requests.




Algo Dosys has the purpose of create sinergies, developing products in a simple and dedicated way, to guarantee precision and smart work to all customers that have to face an always more demanding market.


Our international customers offer us a global vision of the market, from already established realities to developing sectors of business, following all these inputs we can supply a solution to all requests concerning different applications.